DS100A Nellcore Adult SpO2 Sensor Reusable Instructions



The Nellcore Adult SpO2 Sensor, model DS100A, is indicated for use when continuous noninvasive arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitoring are required for patients weighing greater than 40 kg.


The DS100A is contraindicated for use on active patients or for prolonged use. It is not designed for long-term monitoring. It must be moved every 4 hours (or more often, if indicated by circulatory status and/or skin integrity) and reapplied to a different site. If long-term monitoring is required, use an OxiMax oxygen sensor (MAXA, MAXAL, or MAXN) or an Oxisensor II sensor (D25, D25L, or N25), depending on patient age and size, and instrument compatibility.


Instructions for Use

Use this sensor only with Nellcore instruments and instruments containing Nellcore oximetry,

or with instruments licensed to use Nellcore sensors (Nellcore-compatible instruments). This sensor integrates Nellcore OxiMax technology into its design. When connected to an OxiMax-enabled instrument, this sensor uses OxiMax technology to provide additional advanced sensor performance features. Consult individual manufacturers for features and compatibility of particular instruments and sensor models.


Reusable sensors may be used on the same site for a maximum of 4 hours, provided the site is inspected routinely to ensure skin integrity and correct positioning. Because individual skin condition affects the ability of the skin to tolerate sensor placement, it may be necessary to change the sensor site more frequently with some patients.