Spo2 sensor house kits

Szmeplus supply full line Spo2 spare parts of Spo2 sensor house kits:

Adult finger clip Spo2 sensor house kits
Adult silicone Spo2 sensor house kits
Pediatric Finger Clip Spo2 sensor house kits
Pediatric Silicone soft tip Spo2 sensor house kits
Neonatal wrap Spo2 sensor house kits
Neonatal Y type Spo2 sensor house kits
Adult ear clip Spo2 sensor house kits
Animal tongue clip Spo2 sensor house kits


Spo2/ECG/EKG/IBP molded cable

Szmedplus supply wide line of  Spo2/ECG/EKG/IBP molded cable like :

Nellcore Spo2 molded cable,
Nellcore Oximax Spo2 molded cable,
BCI Spo2 molded cable,
CSI Spo2 molded cable,
Novamtrix Spo2 molded cable,
Spacelabs Spo2 molded cable,
Nihon Koden Spo2 molded cable,
GE-Marquette Spo2 molded cable,
HP(Philips)Spo2 molded cable




Complete Spo2 repair kits

Nellcore complete Spo2 repair kits,
Nellcore Oximax complete Spo2 repair kits,
BCI complete Spo2 repair kits,
CSI complete Spo2 repair kits,
Novamtrix complete Spo2 repair kits,
Spacelabs complete Spo2 repair kits,
Nihon Kohden complete Spo2 repair kits,
GE-Marquette complete Spo2 repair kits,
HP(Philips)complete Spo2 repair kits




Spo2 optical components

Quality opto components are available in two types, plastic and ceramic package.

They are approved to be accuracy and durability by major manufactures over the world.

The components cover the major brand Spo2 sensors like Nellcore, Ohmeda, Datex, Novametrix, Philips, Massimo, Nihon Kohden and so on.






Spo2/ECG/IBP/EKG/NIBP/Temp Connector 

   HP 8 pin Spo2 Connector,
 HP 12 pin Spo2 Connector,
GE-Marquette 11 pin Spo2 Connector,
Ohmeda Spo2 connector,
Novamtrix Spo2 Connector,
Spacelabs Spo2 Connector,
Metal Lemo Spo2 Connector 5 pin/7 pin/8 pin,
Plasitic Redel Spo2 Connector 5 pin/6 pin,
Massimo 3M Spo2 Connector,
Datascope Din 8 pin Spo2 Connector,
Pace Tech 5 pin Spo2 Connector....



Spo2 Cables/ECG Cables/EKG Cables/NIBP Cables

Gray round Spo2 cable/TPU, 4mm diameter 
Blue round Spo2 cable/TPU, 4mm diameter
Blue two line wire Spo2 cable/TPU
Grey two line wire Spo2 cable/TPU

ECG  Cable/TPU,5.0mm diameter

ECG Cables/TPU,2.6mm diameter

EKG Cables/TPU,6.0mm diameter

EKG Cables/TPU,3.0mm diameter

NIBP Cable single tube,TPU

NIBP Cable dual tube,TPU