Introduction of Nihon kohden  Blood Oxygen Technology


In the course of many years of improving oximetry technology (the full scope of which has yet to be discovered), Nihon Kohden primarily considers optimizing oximetry systems for different uses and applications in various clinical practices.

We can obtain high-quality blood oxygen signals by using various combinations of blood oxygen probe performance, signal detection circuits, and signal processing algorithms. Proper connection and handling of probes is also important. To provide optimum performance, it is necessary to consider all possible factors related to oximetry.

Nihon Kohden has a wide range of blood oxygen sensor technologies, including the BluPro series of repetitive and disposable blood oxygen probes in different sizes and shapes, and connecting cables focused on continuous monitoring of blood oxygen.

Nihon Kohden also provides various blood oxygen monitoring devices for different applications. All devices have different power consumptions and shapes, and all of these differences must be considered in the development and improvement of blood oxygen technology.